The amUPandGO Advantage

There are many sleep aids on the market, but few wake up aids are available. Our product is a natural wake-up aid when taken BEFORE going to sleep, helps you wake-up on time, feeling refreshed and energized. The tablet releases the active energizing ingredients 7-8 hours after taken which allows for uninterrupted and undisturbed sleep. Our patented delayed release technology was developed and tested through a three-year collaboration with the Temple University School of Pharmacy. We have created a first-in-class delayed release product.


Our Mission

We developed amUPandGO because so many people close to us struggled with waking up and getting out of bed, without the groggy and tired feeling. Our product will help make your morning routine easier and lead to a more energetic, focused and productive day without affecting your usual sleep. Since your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day, these precious first hours count for a whole lot.

How It Works

  • 9 proprietary natural coatings are applied to each tablet to ensure the active ingredients are not released for 7-8 hours, after which they begin a controlled release lasting 5-6 hours without the crash or jitters of ordinary caffeine pills and energy drinks. Great for pre-workout. LEARN MORE
  • Does not interfere with regular sleep
  • Small and easy to swallow 1 or 2 tablets at a time, completely free of fillers and binders.
  • We take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and each batch is third-party quality tested. Manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the United States.
  • We offer a 60 day moneyback guarantee on all bottle orders, with no questions asked and no hassles. Simply email us for your refund.

How to use amUPandGO

Take 1 or 2 tablets before bedtime or 7-8 hours before intended wake up time. The smart tablet design allows for your usual uninterrupted sleep as no active substance is released until 7 hours after taking it. For example, if you take amUPandGO at 10.30pm, the release of active ingredients will start about 7 hour later resulting in a more refreshed, energetic and focused you upon awakening. Great for pre-work outs!
Take 1 or 2 tablets 7-8 hours prior to intended energy boost. For example, if you know that your afternoon slump occurs at around 3pm or that is the start time of an important meeting, take amUPandGO at 7 or 8am and your afternoon focus and productivity will get a boost

Customers Reviews

I am a heavy sleeper and have difficulty waking up no matter how many hours of sleep I get. This product really helped me get out of bed without that groggy feeling. I use it when I want to wake up early to get to the gym.

– Alana S.

This product worked a 100%. No side affects, which I thought would be a problem. I sleep easily and energies after I wake up. This is a product that I will indeed recommend.

– A Luis